Thursday, February 10, 2011


I love my hair.  It's wavy and full, fabulous, and totally not under my control. I've been growing it out for seven or eight years now, and I loved the length -- right up until about three weeks ago when I just got so tired of pulling it out of my way.  It was heavy when up and everywhere when down, and I got to be so annoyed with it that I threatened to shave my head (which would have looked REALLY awful).  

Finally, I said to David, "I'm going to cut my hair short." And he said, "Ok."

"Really?  You're ok with that?  I thought you really liked my hair?"

"Yeah, I like your hair.  I'll like it short, too.  In fact, I think it'll be really cute."


Obviously in the "after" picture my hair is straight, which my fabulous stylist did just to help with the cutting.  It remains full and wavy -- I just don't have a photo of it yet. 

EDIT: Here it is curly.


  1. Heard from your parents/mom that you cut your hair and since there was no picture, decided to 'research' it myself.....Eureka I have found it!!!
    Now I would like to see the real you, not the straight of it!!!(hair that is)