Monday, December 13, 2010

BamBLOOZled 2010, D.C.

The first weekend of December we trekked on down to D.C. (by way of Columbus AND Cleveland - which, by-the-way, is a really backwards way of getting to D.C.).  And we had a fabulous time!  Actually, I had the best exchange I've had in months.  The secret?  I got enough sleep. 

I had to miss the Friday night dance and leave Saturday night early, but I got enough sleep all three nights. And as a result I enjoyed myself more and I danced better than I have in ages, especially Saturday evening.  Of course, it also didn't hurt that some seriously awesome people attended the event, and I got to dance with many of them.  I was very impressed with the caliber of dancer at BamBLOOZled

Here's a clip of Jeff and Megan from the Jack and Jill competition:

Most of the event was held at the fabulous Glen Echo Park.  They have an incredible ballroom, named the Spanish Ballroom because of it's Spanish villa-themed decor, as well as a back room which was also used for lessons and the Sunday late night.  The other late nights were held at a dance studio a few minutes away in Bethesda - conveniently located right next to an all-night diner aptly named The Tastee Diner.

*At some point I will remember to take my own pictures.  In the meantime, check out this lovely photographer's blog to see who took the stunning photo of the Glen Echo sign


  1. yeah, I think if I'd gotten enough sleep, I would have had a better time Saturday night. But, nevertheless, it was a really fun weekend. Thanks for getting me to go!!


  2. So, you never said...what was the verdict on Seattle? Still a possibility in a year or so?
    ps Cleveland???? I know,I know, it's where David lives...good luck!

  3. @Christina - I'm so glad you came! It was an awesome trip.

    @Dee - Seattle is off the table; they get too much rain. San Francisco is still on the table, but we have tentatively decided on D.C. The final decision won't be made until March. Cleveland is only until June. :) How's California?