Friday, October 1, 2010

Blues Blaze 2010: New York City

I'm heading off tonight for New York City, to attend an event called Blues Blaze.  It should be an incredible event with wonderful people and really exciting classes. 

Renata and I will be flying in and meeting up at the airport to make our way to the Friday night main dance, while David, Nick, Jeff, and Annabel (whom I don't know yet) will be driving to meet us there. 

Although I'm really excited for the event, I'm a little anxious about Saturday morning.  They have level testing for the intermediate and beginner classes at 9:30 in the morning.  Nine-thirty may not seem that early, but the late night the night before is scheduled to go until 5:00am, and blues is a late-night dance (not a morning, have-a-cup-of-coffee-and-go sort of dance.) I think we'll probably call it an early night on Friday, but I also don't want to leave too early, as there are only two nights of dancing: Friday and Saturday.  Workshops are nice, but I go for the dances. 

So we'll see how it goes.  Most likely everything will be fine and I really have nothing to worry over.  But if you get a chance, think happy thoughts for me. 

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